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  • New Media License PTE LTD is an independent firm founded in 2017.

  • Regardless of whether you are a financial institution, a mobile operator, a payment service provider, an international donor or a start-up, we can help you be fruitful with your MFS extend. We contemplate openings, plan techniques, create plans of action, outline associations, characterize esteem recommendations and oversee extend usage around the globe. We convey inventive reactions to key issues like interoperability, operator administration, item development and client action challenges.

    We likewise audit existing DFS implementations and recognize zones of change keeping in mind the end goal to help you achieve your full business potential. We give detailed step-by-step recommendations for each area of your business and measure the effect. We additionally help you advance with important monetary items and extend the skyline for your DFS administration to different ventures.

  • What we do

  • marketing


    We pioneer new ways of establishing connections between brands and customers. Whether we’re developing a new brand position or thinking through a new consumer experience, we collaborate with clients to develop the insights, inventions and plans of attack that move them forward.

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    We can help drive efficiency in routine transactional processes, allowing a shift in focus to building the strategic value of the finance function. We works with finance executives to steer strategy toward creating a value-driven finance organization.

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    Becoming a Payment Consultant is growing in popularity as a way to reduce friction in the boarding process, streamline pricing and build market share in the small business arena.Payment acceptors of all sizes are looking for focused research expertise in electronic payments. We address the full-range of payments issues and payment acceptance.

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    As consultants, our team at Advanced International DWC LLC can provide a roadmap to mobile success. We find enterprise-wide solutions that will help to make your business not only more competitive in a vast mobile marketplace but more successful. With the right guidance, you can find the mobile strategy that will help your business to attain your its overall goals.

  • Our Values


    Our consultants are international, bring different skills and are passionate about mobile consulting,marketing consulting, financial solution and payment solutions.


    We are adaptable and devoted to the accomplishment of our customers and our projects.



    We are here to convey and help you make an effect, we likewise empower you to gauge the effect of our suggestions.


  • What clients say

  • I would like to thank you for a highly professional and detailed business plan and materials of the company, which are one of the best I have ever seen. It will be very interesting to work with you in the future on other investment opportunities.

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    Jack Hanna

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